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Resilience Coffee is a Sacramento based roasting company that is committed to responsible sourcing and rooting itself into the local community. 

Our coffee is sourced from a farmer cooperative in the Chiapas foothills. Resilience's roast brings a smooth and balanced flavor to your preferred home brewing methods. 


Sourcing and collaborating with other businesses that have shared values is central to our operation. Our beans come from Mayan Winds Legacy Cooperative, in Chiapas Mexico, a region known for its excellent Arabica. 

Sourcing Stats

Elevation: 1000-1580masl
Process: Semi-washed, sun-dried
Varietals: Tipica, Arabica
Community: Kulaktik, Los Altos.

Single Origin, Sustainably Sourced

Quality Coffee from Farm to Cup

Wholesale and Business Resources

Resilience provides consulting, training, and wholesale resources.  For wholesale pricing and business information     CLICK HERE.

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